A day of love, a day of life, a day of togetherness

Love is the air, and Cupid is on the hunt.


While we all can’t make it to see the Trevi Fountain in Italy. We have some great fountain choices to pick from, so you can bring home your own little slice of Rome. Let us help you create the perfect staycation. With a fountain, it can help create a romantic feeling in your yard. Here are three great examples of romantic fountains.

The Fluted Fountain. With a Greek feel this fountain has great sound. It can turn any yard into a little Mediterranean paradise.


We have the Rose Fountain with Doves. These love birds are the perfect way to symbolize your relationship with your significant other. What better way to show harmony in your yard than with these love birds.


Finally, we have our International Fountain. This a traditional style fountain great for any occasion. This will give your yard a great classic look.



We also have a great Valentine’s Day Special. A gift set with some of our fantastic metal art.


Our Roses are red

Our Fountains are new

And we hope to see you come in real soon.








photo Source: https://flic.kr/p/eXnph3

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