Winterizing Your Outdoor Fountain

One of the most commonly recommended methods for winterizing a garden fountain is disassembling and storing it away from the elements during winter.  Thankfully, in Tucson, these precautions are unnecessary seeing as our number of freezing days is few to none.  Our recommendation follows standard draining procedures, this will ensure no damage occurs that could affect the structural integrity of the fountain.

The largest threats to your fountain posed by freezing water are: damage to the pump system,  crackling of the exterior finish, and fractures or ruptures that compromise the structure of the fountain. These threats can all be diminished by allowing ample time for your fountain to dry prior to freezing weather.

Customers preparing for a freeze should plan well in advance, reserving extra time for your fountain to completely dry out.  The exterior surface will retain moisture longer during the cold months, so be sure to allow 2-3 days for the surface to completely dry out. Many fountain companies recommend adding absorbent materials to each tier, such as towels, to ensure no water condenses or pools while the fountain is dry.

In addition to draining your garden fountain, our fountain covers help prevent freezing damage during Tucson’s winter. Our fountain covers are placed over the top of the fountain body and secured using a drawstring strap built into the fabric. For customers who do not have a cover, you are able to cover the fountain with a tarp and bungee cords, though these materials will not provide the UV and weather resistance our covers promote. The cover can be left in place until the weather has returned to above freezing temperatures or until you are ready to start running the fountain.

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