Protecting your fountain

Here at Zona Fountains, we believe in protecting and preserving your fountain. With our years of experience, we’ve found the best way to keep your fountain looking new is to purchase a fountain cover to preserve your water feature.

Some customers wonder why we recommend fountain covers, as they are typically reserved for harsher winter climates. We have found that here in Arizona it is just as important to protect your fountain from the harsh summer sun, as well as during monsoon season. Both times during the year temperatures swing from day to night, which can cause an unwanted algal bloom. During monsoon season, large amounts of rain water can overfill and even knock over your fountain. Many of these yearly events warrant the use of fountain covers here in Arizona as well!

Some of our customers who are seasonal residents of Arizona find fountain covers essential to protecting their purchase during the months they are not here to care for it. Some customers have also found using the covers aids in resisting pesky mosquitos from laying eggs and multiplying in the stagnant water.

Remember, if you are leaving town to always drain your fountain

At Zona Fountains we carry Henri Fountain Covers made from durable, reinforced polyethylene, which is weather resistant and u.v. stabilized. Henri’s covers have nylon drawstrings integrated into the fabric to ensure a snug fit over your fountains. Stop by today and see how you can benefit from purchasing a fountain cover. Our experienced staff members look forward to seeing you!

For more information regarding the Henri Studio Fountain Covers, please visit their website:

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Author: Alex Hinrichsen

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