All you need to know about Chiminea Season!

Chiminea’s originate from Mexico. They are usually made from clay and used as a wood burning fireplace. Chimineas should be used outdoors and protected from rain and freezing. Most of the time Chimineas are used as a heat source but can also be used for cooking, the most popular being roasting marshmallows with friends and family!

Chimineas are back in stock here at Zona Fountains and better than ever. With the new arrival of our wide selection of Chiminea’s, these beautiful clay products need more love and care then you might think.

Lets talk Chiminea care.

Using your chiminea for the very first time can be very exciting but do not get carried away. Always begin with a small fire, especially for the first time use. DO NOT start a big fire , starting a big fire can damage the chiminea and crack it. The flow of air from the rising heat will allow the fire to grow on its own. REMEMBER start small!

Chiminea Tips:

  • Keep at least 2-3 inches of sand or gravel at the bottom at all times. A metal screen can also be used.
  • Do not use your Chiminea if wet or damp. To keep it from getting wet, use a cover.
  • Place the Chiminea on a flat surface or stand (ours come with a stand).
  • Keep clear from anything that can catch fire, for example trees, branches, wooden fences etc.
  • Clean Chiminea’s regularly. For clay Chimineas remove gravel or sand and shovel out the ashes that have built up.

Now that you know just a bit more about Chimineas and have become a pro on all things Chiminea, come down to Zona Fountains and purchase one of your own!

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