Frequently Asked Questions? Fountain Upkeep 101, Maintaining and Cleaning Pumps.

What you may not know

Buying a fountain is super exciting and fun. Sometimes we don’t know how to upkeep and maintain them. This post will give you a brief example of how to treat your fountain.

The first question we mainly get asked on maintenance is, How do we keep our pump clean? What can we do to have our pump last a long time? Our pump isn’t working what do we do?

Pumps can last 5 years or longer if you care for them properly. A pump needs just as much of attention as the fountain itself. At the end of the day it is the backbone of the entire operation of the fountain.

How to clean and maintain your pump

If your pump has only been sitting in your fountain for a couple months and starts to give out on you, its most likely because that pump needs to be cleaned out. One way to get that pump running like brand new again is to give your pump a “backflush”. What that means is you’re gonna wanna turn the pump off and stick a hose at the top of the pump then turn on the pressure and it will unclog the pump. We find this the best way to help get all the debris and algae out of the pump.

Keeping your fountain away from trees is also a good way of making sure not much debris is falling into the water and so the pump isn’t sucking it all up.

Never let your pump run dry, always make sure it is fully submerged in water so it is not sucking in air. Running a pump dry makes the pump work harder and is the quickest way for your pump to die out.

As we talked about in our last two Fountain Upkeep blog posts you don’t wanna use any kinds of bleach, chlorine, or vinegar in your fountains. They are bad not only for the stain of your fountain but also for the pump. These products will slowly eat at your pump and tubing and make it deteriorate. Stay away from using those products.

Tips and Helpful Products

  • A pump sock is your bestfriend. A pump sock is just a mesh bag that you can put on your pump that has drawstrings to seal the bag. This will help keep debris out. This will help with the longevity of your pump.
  • Using a fish net or skimmer to clean out any leaves or debris that gets into the water will help as well. This is one of the easier ways to help prevent your pump from sucking in any leaves and dirt.
  • Instead of having a normal pump door you can replace that with a filter media. The filter media will catch any debris, dirt, or leaves before it can get into your pump

Any of these products listed above will improve the life span of your pump and keep you from having to replace it so often.

Here to Help!

We hope this helps you! All the products talked about are sold here at Zona Fountains! If you have anymore questions or concerns don’t hesitate to call us. We are always here to help. Keep up to date with our blog posts and don’t miss out on frequently asked questions here at Zona Fountains!

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