Frequently Asked Questions? Fountain Upkeep 101, Calcium.

What you may not know

Buying a fountain is super exciting and fun. Sometimes we don’t know how to upkeep and maintain them. This post will give you a brief example of how to treat your fountain.

The first question we mainly get asked on maintenance is, What is the white stuff on our fountain? How do we get rid of it?

The first thing is that the “white stuff” on the fountain is actually Calcium build up from the hard water. Here in Tucson , our water is very hard and full of different minerals. When the water starts to dry up that is when those white spots start to appear because of the minerals that are left behind.

How to prevent or get rid of Calcium

We offer additives to help with hard water. We recommend using an additive called Protec, this well help prolong calcium from building up. It wont completely get rid of the hard minerals but it will slow down the process of it building up. Protec can be poured into the fountain or can be used with a soft brush or dish pad to lightly scrub the fountain. Just remember it is impossible to make your fountain turn brand new again.

We also recommend using a calcium inhibitor that you can easily attach to your hose. The calcium inhibitor will help filter out some of the minerals from the hard water and can also help prevent the calcium from building up quickly.

For some smaller fountains and table top fountains you can try using distilled water rather than tap water. Using distilled water is an easy way to prevent calcium build up.

Do not use any harsh chemicals including lime-a-way, bleach, chlorine, or vinegar as this can actually hurt your fountain and it’s stain.

Here to help!

We hope this helps you! Calcium inhibitors and Protec are sold here at Zona Fountains! If you have anymore questions or concerns don’t hesitate to call us. We are always here to help. Keep up to date with our blog posts and don’t miss out on frequently asked questions here at Zona Fountains! Next post will be all about cleaning out your pump and getting debris out of it.

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Protec sold here at Zona Fountains in an 8oz and 64oz bottle. Also sold here are the Calcium Inhibitors. Come get yours today

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