Zona Fountains provides fountain related maintenance services!

Algae has taken over!

Keeping your fountain clean is not only aesthetically pleasing but important for the years ahead. Proper cleaning maintenance lengthens the life of the pump and the other essential components. We understand the time and energy it takes to give your fountain a good cleaning. For more tips about algae control click here!

There’s power, but no flow!

Another service we are proud to offer are pump replacements. The pump is what makes a fountain a fountain after all! No matter the size of the fountain, each one must be handled with care and expertise to make sure it’s done right the first time. With affordable rates and expert knowledge we will get your fountain up and running in no time!

Not sure what your fountain needs?

 We offer an at home consultation. One of our experts will come and assess your fountain’s individual needs. With knowledge at hand, we will be more than happy to see your fountain flowing again!

“Dwayne, after a long day, came in the early evening and built the fountain. He showed me how to maintain it and even stopped by the next week to check on it. The birds and I love the fountain. Thank you to Zona!!” –Lois Van Valkenburg (Google)
“Superb selection (in quality and quantity) of fountains and associated items. And, the fellow they sent to install the fountain we bought knew his stuff, and did it right!” –Scott Weible (Google)

So be kind to your fountain! We’d love to get it in working condition ASAP!




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