Frequently Asked Questions? Fountain Upkeep 101, Algae.

What you may not know

Buying a fountain is super exciting and fun. Sometimes we don’t know how to upkeep and maintain them. This post will give you a brief example of how to treat your fountain.

The first question we mainly get asked on maintenance is, How do we keep the water clear and get the green stuff out?

The first thing is that “green stuff” growing in your fountain is algae. The best way to rid of it is to use an algaecide. Algae will build up quickly, and the times we see algae grow the most is in the summer. The warmer the weather and the more powerful the sun algae will build up. All the algae needs to grow in sunlight.

How to use Algaecide

Let’s talk algaecide. The best product that we recommend is called Physan 20. This product is an algaecide safe for birds, plants, and animals in its diluted form. Physan will get rid of the algae. Existing algae prior before use of Physan? Do not worry you can use just a small dish pad and some of the Physan. Lightly scrub off that algae then rinse it clean.

Pour Physan into a spray bottle we pour 5oz of Physan into the bottle and 20oz of water into the bottle as well. In the summer we are spraying our fountains 3-4 times a week. Don’t like the spray bottle idea? Don’t worry you can pour it in straight from the bottle and it will do the same. If you a experience a “bubble bath” in your fountain no worries. This will not bring any harm to the fountain it just means your putting in to much Physan in at one time.

Here to help!

We hope this helps you! Algaecide is sold here at Zona Fountains! If you have anymore questions or concerns don’t hesitate to call us. We are always here to help. Keep up to date with our blog posts and don’t miss out on frequently asked questions here at Zona Fountains! Next post will be all about calcium and hard water.

Physan 20 sold in a 16oz bottle or Gallon! Get yours’ today!

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