Monsoon season means Mosquitoes!

Ah the Monsoons, as Tucsonans we welcome the rains with open arms! But we are not alone… mosquitoes depend on these rains to reproduce. When the rains are late they will find any standing water and call it their nursery.

How to manage mosquitoes?

There are thankfully many ways to keep these pesky blood suckers at bay. For our fountain owners, we have animal friendly products that will make sure the birds can still enjoy your water feature*.

Mosquito repellents

Mosquito Bits are great for any standing water areas. Sprinkle the appropriate amount and it works rather quickly, usually within 24 hours. It also says that it will control gnats! For more information about BTI (bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) Click here!

Patio Protection

Since Mosquitoes will happen, we have what you need to protect yourself and your family. One cool new item is the Yard Stick! This is burnt just like incense and can be placed on flower pots to create a barrier. Gives a lasting 4 hours of protection.

More traditional are the candles and the the awesome Patio Egg. The Skeeter Screen candles burn for for a whopping 80 hours! Both are self contained, one in a classic tin can and the other in decorated glass jar with lid.

Garden Candle

The Patio Egg is excellent for active families and animals as it doesn’t need a flame! It covers a 200 square foot area. If you smell it than it’s working. Rarely needs topped off more than 2 weeks between, and has the potential to work for 4 months! Just fill, hang and relax.

Thank you for shopping local!

Author: Anchoret Clark

*Always follow manufacturer instructions

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Southern AZ, Winter’s Freezing Temps are Coming!

Finally, we’ve made it to the end of another summer and are more than ready to enjoy the cooler days! While Southern AZ gets a lot of attention for the hot days, the weather swings to freezing just as quickly.

freezing Winter in sabino canyon
Sabino Canyon Pic credit to Kgun9 news feed and whoever took it!

Freezing temps? What does this mean for your fountain?

For cold nights we follow the 4 P’s (People, Pipes, Plants and Pets). Your fountain is in the Pipe category of that warning. Any water left in the fountain can cause structural damage to the bowls. How? Even the most smooth, stained/painted concrete is porous and holds water within its structure. If water were to freeze within the pores it can create fractures, visible and deep inside. This damage is called “scaling”, it can be recognized with shards or flakes of concrete coming off the bowls/pedestals. What does this do? It compromises the integrity of the fountain or worse, ultimately crack the concrete.

“Don’t let this happen to you!”
How can I keep my fountain safe?

Keep up to date on your weather reports for your area, this way you can drain and give your fountain a few days to dry out. Once nice and dry, some manufacturers recommend you add absorbent material to each tier, this will help prevent water from condensing or collecting when you’ve worked so hard to dry it out. Burlap bags work great for this task, we have them on hand and free! One final step is to cover your fountain, keeping it clear of winter rain and resulting debris. We have fountain covers that make this important step a breeze.

Freeze protection Fountain covers
Fountain covers by Henri Studio.

From all of us at Zona Fountains, we wish you a wonderful Winter season, and many years of enjoyment from your fountain! Thanks for shopping local Southern AZ!

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Solar Fountains

Here in southern AZ we enjoy 284 sun filled days a year, so a Solar powered fountain just makes sense! How do you know if it’s right for you? What are the pros and cons of solar power? Get ready as we present the power of Solar!

Tell me the pros!

One of the most obvious benefits: no need to plug in the pump! What this means is no extension cords nor electricians to add an outlet close to the fountain location. You can choose a place anywhere you like and then use the long cord to put the panel in a very sunny spot, just set and enjoy! Now you’re thinking, ‘how could there be any downsides to solar?’. Let’s talk about some realities that must be considered when using this wonderful alternative power.

Will the Solar Pump run at night?

This is a very frequently asked question. Many of us are only home in the evenings after work and that’s when we want to relax or entertain guests. With just the panel the answer is no. The pump will not run well on cloudy days or if it is covered by shadows. When dusk comes it sleeps with the sun. But don’t lose hope! Amazing people were on the job to invent a solution! May we present the Solar Battery backup? Yes!

Solar Battery Backup!

This invention allows for the pump to run 3-4 hours longer than having just the panel itself. Being completely solar as well, it must fully charge before the pump will run. But if your goal is evening enjoyment than it makes perfect sense to have one of these.

Is Solar right for you?

With all things considered it may be just what you need. We are happy to offer 3 sizes that will give you plenty of fountain options. For choosing the right pump see our F.A.Q. page. The panel grows with the pump, as you can see in the picture below. If you’re ready to “pull the plug” on your pump come on over and we’ll get you off the grid!

350 GPH, 160 GPH, 46 GPH

Author: Anchoret Clark

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Bird vs Window: How to Protect Both

Southern AZ is home to hundreds of native birds. We also proudly welcome migratory birds that contribute to our ecosystem. However, there is a danger that they all face: windows! The poor birds cannot discern the “sky” they are seeing ahead of them is just a reflection on a solid surface. Unfortunately, for too many, it ends in tragedy. Is there any way to helped our winged guests? Yes!! 

We are excited to present to you window decals by WindowAlert. These are virtually invisible to us, but thanks to ultra violet technology, birds see them bright and bold! 

Window Alert Zona Fountains Birds

For easy application instructs and FAQs click here
Four effective ways to protect birds against window collisions:
1. Apply window decals specifically designed to prevent bird run-ins.
2. Try to keep bird-attracting items (e.g., feeders, birdbaths, fountains) away from the windows and house.
3. If space is limited, move bird-attracting items (e.g., feeders, birdbaths, fountains) closer to the windows and house. Preferably 1.5 feet away, that way the birds are not flying full force.  

4. Apply a screen, net or awning to the windows. Even some very stylish ” Zen” curtains look good for your home and serve to block the reflections. 


Take a look at our newest feeders, birdbaths, and fountains to attract more friendly fliers to your neighborhood!


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Rain Gauges

Measure Your Rain Fall

In Southern AZ we truly appreciate every drop of rain we can get! We hear on the news how much rain fell in major areas such as airports, but have you ever wondered how much fell in your yard? Do you know their exciting history?

Rain Gauge’s History

What a history it is! Referencing Wikipedia, the first recorded rain fall dates back to 400 B.C. in India! Rain gauges had a very serious purpose. According to the records, they used the amount of rain in an area to tax the people dependent on the readings. This technology was quickly adopted and developed by the Greeks and the Chinese. During the 1700’s, Mr Thomas Barker gave 59 years to this small instrument, revealing much about how the rain cycles differ from year to year.

Our modern rain gauges are the work of several countries and individuals that dedicated themselves to the research of rain fall in their areas.

The basic designs we have today are thanks to the efforts of Meterologist George James Symons and his thousands of volunteers. Important discoveries were made beginning in 1860. Gauges should be out in the open not under trees, buildings or other obstacles. Oh! and that you don’t get accurate readings in a cyclone. Talk about dedication from that person! LOL. Seriously though, that was important info to note and having so many contribute to the cause, made a huge impact on how we rely on the readings today!

All rain Gauges

Start recording your rain fall today!

Complete your garden with full knowledge of the amount of water you receive during our rainy seasons. Who knows where this knowledge can lead you? Is water harvesting in your future? Perhaps, knowledge is power!

Thank you for shopping local!

Author: Anchoret Clark

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Now Is The Time For Algaecide

 Crisp, Clean, Clear!

Your oasis’ new addition flows with crystal clear water, enhancing the beauty of your home. Much like the fountain below, it’s a sight to behold. So why would you have to think about algaecide?

What makes algae tick? Our warm temps and long sunny days create an algal bloom paradise! Even in shaded areas, algae will thrive if not prevented and maintained. No fountain is immune, even the small ones like the feature below.

Algal Bloom

“Help! I’m in algal bloom!!”

Prevent and Maintain.  To prevent the algal bloom, put in an algaecide right away with set up. If the fountain is established, do your regular water change, removing any formed algae, and add when refilling.  The elements and water refills due to evaporation make the need to add more necessary. How often, does depend on a lot of factors but once to twice a month should keep the desired quality. Here at Zona Fountains we offer Fountain cleaning and maintenance services, Click Here for details

Wildlife and Algaecide. Here at Zona Fountains we love our wonderful wildlife.  We believe that the effectiveness of an algaecide should not come at the cost of harming the animals we care for. We have the right products to do just that!  

A few more tips and tricks

Finally in addition to algaecide there a few other things you can do to minimize algae in your fountain:

  • Make sure you don’t get any fertilizer in your fountain when feeding your lawn or plants, as fertilizer is also a great food for our green foe.
  • For smaller fountains consider using distilled water rather than tap. Tap water and even filtered water still have natural impurities present in them which can encourage algae growth, using distilled water is also a great way to prevent calcium build up as all those staining minerals are left behind in the distillation process.

Most of all don’t forget your local experts at Zona Fountains don’t just sell fountains, we stand by our products and will help keep your fountain running well. Call 520-325-3888 or email us at to see how we can help keep your personal oasis running for life.

Author: Anchoret Clark

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Bringing the essence of our lot to our webpage

We have been brainstorming ways that we could bring the dimension of our store to the face of our blog. In doing so, we decided that we should include video footage of some of our fountains in full swing. Please take a look below at our very first video featured fountains. We hope you are pleased with the two we chose to showcase, and do continue to look back from time to time to see other fountains that we have available!


Alonzo1videoThe Alonzo by Fiore Stone
Shown in Sedona

The Mission by Rinse Water Statuary
Shown in Bronce


Author: Alex Hinrichsen

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Cold Weather

BRRRRR It’s Cold Outside!

While a frozen fountain is beautiful to look at it will cause more harm than you realize. For that, we and the manufacturers both recommend draining the fountain when temperatures drop below freezing. When the water freezes, it will expand and may result in cracking your fountain. Water may also be restricted from the pump causing it to burn out. If you expect rain or snow during the freeze we also recommend that you cover the fountain. That will eliminate any possible cracks from occurring, or having to replace the pump.

Cold Weather Fountain

If you still wish to keep it running  here are a few tips:

-Run the fountain all night. Running water freezes at a lower temperature. If it only drops below freezing for a brief period of time this may suffice.

-Place a light, or more than one light, under the fountain for the night. The heat generated by the light may be sufficient.

-Place a heater near the fountain for the night.

Here at Zona Fountains, we believe the best course of action is to drain the fountain. This will help prolong the life of the fountain.  Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to purchase a fountain cover.

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Author: Alex Hinrichsen

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