Now Is The Time… For Algaecide

Let’s say you’ve made a new water feature addition to your home or garden. When you bought your fountain from Zona Fountains it probably looked something like this:

Crisp, clean, and clear water flowing evenly to compose a soothing ambiance. Rather than your own oasis, after a while, your bubbling gem may look a little more similar to this:

Consequently, it looks like an uninvited guest has decided to set up shop inside your fountain. Depending on environmental conditions, untreated algae can grow back every few weeks… even after cleaning your fountain.  An algal bloom will cause a fountain to look unsightly and may interfere with the functioning of the fountain itself. Luckily, a few drops of algaecide from your friendly staff at Zona Fountains will clear your fountain water of the green menace and prevent any future blooms down the line. Our algaecide is also non-staining, so you won’t need to worry about ruining the delightful hue and glow of your fountain. Think of algaecide as a regular vitamin regimen to keep your fountain happy and healthy. Our algaecides are safe for pets, birds, and plants when added in the recommended quantities. We also carry an algaecide designed specifically for use in ponds with fish.

A few more tips and tricks

Finally in addition to algaecide there a few other things you can do to minimize algae in your fountain:

  • Place your fountain in the shade, as direct sunlight enables more rapid algae growth. Also, consider placing a cover such as an umbrella or awning in the area near your fountain to help provide shade if no natural shade is available.
  • Make sure you don’t get any fertilizer in your fountain when feeding your lawn or plants, as fertilizer is also a great food for our green foe.
  • For smaller fountains consider using distilled water rather than tap. Tap water and even filtered water still have natural impurities present in them which can encourage algae growth, using distilled water is also a great way to prevent calcium build up as all those staining minerals are left behind in the distillation process.

Most of all don’t forget your local experts at Zona Fountains don’t just sell fountains, we stand by our products and will help keep your fountain running well. Stop by or give us a call today to see how we can help keep your personal oasis running for life.

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Winterizing Your Outdoor Fountain

Tucson is actually cold?

One of the most commonly recommended methods for winterizing a garden fountain is disassembling and storing it away from the elements during winter.  Thankfully, in Tucson, these precautions are unnecessary seeing as our number of freezing days is few to none.  Our recommendation follows standard draining procedures. This will ensure no damage occurs that could affect the structural integrity of the fountain.

The largest threats to your fountain posed by freezing water are: 1. damage to the pump system, 2. crackling of the exterior finish, and  3. fractures or ruptures that compromise the structure of the fountain. Drying your fountain a few days prior to any severe changes in weather will help diminish any likelihood of damage.

Customers preparing for a freeze should plan well in advance, reserving extra time for your fountain to completely dry out.  The exterior surface will retain moisture longer during the cold months. Be sure to allow 2-3 days for the surface to completely dry out. Many fountain companies recommend adding absorbent materials to each tier. Towels or used t-shirts work well in this application. Following this step helps ensure no water condenses or pools while the fountain is dry.

Fountain Covers

In addition to draining your garden fountain, our fountain covers help prevent freezing damage during Tucson’s winter. Our fountain covers are placed over the top of the fountain body and finally secured using a drawstring strap built into the fabric. The cover should be left in place until the weather has returned to above freezing temperatures or until you are ready to start running the fountain.

cactus winterizing

Author: Alex Hinrichsen

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New to Zona Fountains!!! Premium Service!

With the holiday season knocking on our door, so will our families! Since the holidays are the perfect opportunity to show off your home, Zona Fountains is here to help!
Now providing Premium Service!
Need service and need it fast? With Premium Service Zona Fountains will be at your door within 2 business days!!! Whether it be preexisting fountain maintenance, fountain installation, or other services, we can get you up and running ASAP!
Premium Service is available for $100. *Certain restrictions apply* If for some reason we cannot provide the service required, 100% of the money will be refunded.
Give us a call or visit and get your home ready for the holidays, your fountain & your family will thank you!

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New Products Flock to Zona Fountains!

With so many new items coming in and out of our store, it’s tough to keep our website up to date with our various styles, colors, and sizes!
If you haven’t been in recently, you’ll find our showroom has moved around some, and along with that change we’ve gotten tons of new products! From rain chains, to hand-painted wall art, and LOTS of beautiful talavera, come on in and check it out!Image may contain: 1 person, smilingNo automatic alt text available.

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Fall is here! Don’t miss out!

Finally, we can enjoy our beautiful outdoors! With clear skies & gentle winds, now is the perfect time to decorate your home! Both inside & out, we have exactly what YOU need to make your house a home!

From outdoor spinners to artistic creations made from scratch! Zona Fountains is THE place to check out first!

Stop by & see our vast selection in decorations. Talavera, steel, concrete & even more! The Zona Fountains team is ready to help you make a change or simply improve your home’s style!

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Brand New Bargain Board Clearance Items!!!

Ever visited our shop and asked “Do you have a clearance section?” Well NOW WE DO!!!

With so many new fountain styles we plan on ordering, we have to make room on our lot! We’ve set up this system to help us move out inventory, meanwhile giving our customers a chance to get a killer special. Help us help you and come browse through these spectacular prices!

Our Bargain Board is changing almost daily, we recommend coming in and checking it out to see if we’ve added or sold anything. First come first serve with these items, unfortunately we cannot place a hold.

10%, 20%, sometimes even up to 40% or more off! The more frequently you check, the more deals you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of!

Keep up with our Blog? Now it pays off! Mention the phrase “H20 BLOG” for an additional 5% off BARGAIN BOARD ITEMS ONLY.

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Preventing Birds from Flying into Home Windows

Bird watchers who wish to prevent birds from flying into their windows now have options right here at Zona Fountains. Millions of birds become injured and/or die each year from window collisions. We all look for ways to prevent that dreaded ‘thud’ — and we are now carrying WindowAlert® Window Decals to assist Southern Arizona’s many bird lovers!

Window Alert Zona Fountains Birds

“There are also a host of methods that don’t work, despite conventional wisdom or the claims of individuals or commercial interests. Don’t waste time or money on old-fashioned measures such as windsocks or chimes, dangling pie pans, or strings of feathers. Recent research [1] has found that, despite occasional anecdotal success, such suggestions simply don’t work reliably.” (

Four effective ways to protect birds against window collisions:
1. Apply window decals specifically designed to prevent bird run-ins.
2. If you have the space, move bird-attracting items (e.g., feeders, birdbaths, fountains) away from the windows and house.
3. If space is limited, move bird-attracting items (e.g., feeders, birdbaths, fountains) closer to the windows and house. 

4. Apply a screen, net or awning to the windows. 


Take a look at our newest feeders, birdbaths, and fountains to attract more friendly fliers to your neighborhood!


Author: Alex Hinrichsen

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Video Footage: River Stone, Rock Wall, and Sedona

I promised to bring you more video footage from our lot and have not let you down! I was able to capture more video footage of some of our hottest selling fountains from Henri Studio. Stop by today for the in-person experience of seeing and hearing these fountains. Zona Fountains is conveniently located on the northeast corner of Fort Lowell Rd and Tucson Blvd, in Tucson, Arizona.

River Stone Fountain by Henri Studio
Shown in: Sorrento Sandstone

Rock Wall Fountain by Henri Studio
Shown in: Relic Lava

Sedona Fountain by Henri Studio
Shown in: Relic Roho

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New at Zona Fountains: Wider Selection, Solar Power, Pottery Showcase and More!


2018 has brought about new changes at Zona Fountains.  We began late last year by installing solar panels on our roof.  Additionally, we have updated our in-house production facilities.  This will accommodate a larger selection of Zona Fountains manufactured items for our loyal customer base.  And, most recently, we have started remodeling the indoor showroom to house more southwestern style art and pottery.

pottery and logo

Beyond these upgrades our staff has installed risers to showcase our growing selection of plant stands and southwestern pottery. Customers familiar with our lot can view the new pottery patio near the south side of our main entrance (previously designated as our bird bath patio).

Pottery risers

Please take a moment to browse our Planters section, found under the Products tab on our Home Page. Once you’ve finished come by the store to shop our selection and speak with a member of our staff!


Author: Alex Hinrichsen

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Tucson Lifestyle Home & Garden Magazine

We retrieved an article from Tucson Lifestyle Home & Garden. Customer’s browsing the web can locate the article in the November 2011 issue of the magazine. The article combines professional tips from our owner, Richard Geare, alongside high-quality photos of our products.


Click on the following link to read the article in a new tab: Tucson Lifestyle Home & Garden.

Zona Home and Garden Magazine

Take a look at our new selection of 2018 fountains. Some of our favorite vendors have recently updated their catalogs. If you have any questions regarding our inventory or installation please give us a call or stop by today!


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