Now Is The Time For Algaecide

 Crisp, Clean, Clear!

Your oasis’ new addition flows with crystal clear water, enhancing the beauty of your home. Much like the fountain below, it’s a sight to behold. So why would you have to think about algaecide?

What makes algae tick? Our warm temps and long sunny days create an algal bloom paradise! Even in shaded areas, algae will thrive if not prevented and maintained. No fountain is immune, even the small ones like the feature below.

Algal Bloom

“Help! I’m in algal bloom!!”

Prevent and Maintain.  To prevent the algal bloom, put in an algaecide right away with set up. If the fountain is established, do your regular water change, removing any formed algae, and add when refilling.  The elements and water refills due to evaporation make the need to add more necessary. How often, does depend on a lot of factors but once to twice a month should keep the desired quality. Here at Zona Fountains we offer Fountain cleaning and maintenance services, Click Here for details

Wildlife and Algaecide. Here at Zona Fountains we love our wonderful wildlife.  We believe that the effectiveness of an algaecide should not come at the cost of harming the animals we care for. We have the right products to do just that!  

A few more tips and tricks

Finally in addition to algaecide there a few other things you can do to minimize algae in your fountain:

  • Make sure you don’t get any fertilizer in your fountain when feeding your lawn or plants, as fertilizer is also a great food for our green foe.
  • For smaller fountains consider using distilled water rather than tap. Tap water and even filtered water still have natural impurities present in them which can encourage algae growth, using distilled water is also a great way to prevent calcium build up as all those staining minerals are left behind in the distillation process.

Most of all don’t forget your local experts at Zona Fountains don’t just sell fountains, we stand by our products and will help keep your fountain running well. Call 520-325-3888 or email us at to see how we can help keep your personal oasis running for life.

Author: Anchoret Clark

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