Now Is The Time… For Algaecide

Let’s say you’ve made a new water feature addition to your home or garden. When you bought your fountain from Zona Fountains it probably looked something like this:

Crisp, clean, and clear water flowing evenly to compose a soothing ambiance. Rather than your own oasis, after a while, your bubbling gem may look a little more similar to this:

Consequently, it looks like an uninvited guest has decided to set up shop inside your fountain. Depending on environmental conditions, untreated algae can grow back every few weeks… even after cleaning your fountain.  An algal bloom will cause a fountain to look unsightly and may interfere with the functioning of the fountain itself. Luckily, a few drops of algaecide from your friendly staff at Zona Fountains will clear your fountain water of the green menace and prevent any future blooms down the line. Our algaecide is also non-staining, so you won’t need to worry about ruining the delightful hue and glow of your fountain. Think of algaecide as a regular vitamin regimen to keep your fountain happy and healthy. Our algaecides are safe for pets, birds, and plants when added in the recommended quantities. We also carry an algaecide designed specifically for use in ponds with fish.

A few more tips and tricks

Finally in addition to algaecide there a few other things you can do to minimize algae in your fountain:

  • Place your fountain in the shade, as direct sunlight enables more rapid algae growth. Also, consider placing a cover such as an umbrella or awning in the area near your fountain to help provide shade if no natural shade is available.
  • Make sure you don’t get any fertilizer in your fountain when feeding your lawn or plants, as fertilizer is also a great food for our green foe.
  • For smaller fountains consider using distilled water rather than tap. Tap water and even filtered water still have natural impurities present in them which can encourage algae growth, using distilled water is also a great way to prevent calcium build up as all those staining minerals are left behind in the distillation process.

Most of all don’t forget your local experts at Zona Fountains don’t just sell fountains, we stand by our products and will help keep your fountain running well. Stop by or give us a call today to see how we can help keep your personal oasis running for life.

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