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In Southern AZ we truly appreciate every drop of rain we can get! We hear on the news how much rain fell in major areas such as airports, but have you ever wondered how much fell in your yard? Do you know their exciting history?

Rain Gauge’s History

What a history it is! Referencing Wikipedia, the first recorded rain fall dates back to 400 B.C. in India! Rain gauges had a very serious purpose. According to the records, they used the amount of rain in an area to tax the people dependent on the readings. This technology was quickly adopted and developed by the Greeks and the Chinese. During the 1700’s, Mr Thomas Barker gave 59 years to this small instrument, revealing much about how the rain cycles differ from year to year.

Our modern rain gauges are the work of several countries and individuals that dedicated themselves to the research of rain fall in their areas.

The basic designs we have today are thanks to the efforts of Meterologist George James Symons and his thousands of volunteers. Important discoveries were made beginning in 1860. Gauges should be out in the open not under trees, buildings or other obstacles. Oh! and that you don’t get accurate readings in a cyclone. Talk about dedication from that person! LOL. Seriously though, that was important info to note and having so many contribute to the cause, made a huge impact on how we rely on the readings today!

All rain Gauges

Start recording your rain fall today!

Complete your garden with full knowledge of the amount of water you receive during our rainy seasons. Who knows where this knowledge can lead you? Is water harvesting in your future? Perhaps, knowledge is power!

Thank you for shopping local!

Author: Anchoret Clark

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