Preventing Birds from Flying into Home Windows

Bird watchers who wish to prevent birds from flying into their windows now have options right here at Zona Fountains. Millions of birds become injured and/or die each year from window collisions. We all look for ways to prevent that dreaded ‘thud’ — and we are now carrying WindowAlert® Window Decals to assist Southern Arizona’s many bird lovers!

Window Alert Zona Fountains Birds

“There are also a host of methods that don’t work, despite conventional wisdom or the claims of individuals or commercial interests. Don’t waste time or money on old-fashioned measures such as windsocks or chimes, dangling pie pans, or strings of feathers. Recent research [1] has found that, despite occasional anecdotal success, such suggestions simply don’t work reliably.” (

Four effective ways to protect birds against window collisions:
1. Apply window decals specifically designed to prevent bird run-ins.
2. If you have the space, move bird-attracting items (e.g., feeders, birdbaths, fountains) away from the windows and house.
3. If space is limited, move bird-attracting items (e.g., feeders, birdbaths, fountains) closer to the windows and house. 

4. Apply a screen, net or awning to the windows. 


Take a look at our newest feeders, birdbaths, and fountains to attract more friendly fliers to your neighborhood!


Author: Alex Hinrichsen

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