Bird vs Window: How to Protect Both

Southern AZ is home to hundreds of native birds. We also proudly welcome migratory birds that contribute to our ecosystem. However, there is a danger that they all face: windows! The poor birds cannot discern the “sky” they are seeing ahead of them is just a reflection on a solid surface. Unfortunately, for too many, it ends in tragedy. Is there any way to helped our winged guests? Yes!! 

We are excited to present to you window decals by WindowAlert. These are virtually invisible to us, but thanks to ultra violet technology, birds see them bright and bold! 

Window Alert Zona Fountains Birds

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Four effective ways to protect birds against window collisions:
1. Apply window decals specifically designed to prevent bird run-ins.
2. Try to keep bird-attracting items (e.g., feeders, birdbaths, fountains) away from the windows and house.
3. If space is limited, move bird-attracting items (e.g., feeders, birdbaths, fountains) closer to the windows and house. Preferably 1.5 feet away, that way the birds are not flying full force.  

4. Apply a screen, net or awning to the windows. Even some very stylish ” Zen” curtains look good for your home and serve to block the reflections. 


Take a look at our newest feeders, birdbaths, and fountains to attract more friendly fliers to your neighborhood!


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